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Arrived: Mohawk Renewal

Moh Renewal 09SB 01 

We are excited to introduce you to the brand new papers made with hemp, straw, and recycled cotton fiber: Mohawk Renewal. It represents a fresh expression of what responsible papermaking can look like. Choose from three renewable fibers; hemp, straw and recycled cotton in seven colors and two gorgeous finishes. All Mohawk Renewal papers are compatible with both digital and offset presses and are also available in A2 and A7 envelopes.

Moh Renewal Hemp 01

HEMP: Hemp grows rapidly, maturing in as quickly as 90 days. Turning hemp into pulp requires less chemicals, water, and energy than wood.

Mohawk Straw onmachine 01
STRAW: Making paper with straw eliminates the need for "fall burns" set by farmers to clear straw from their fields, creating acrid smoke and carbon emissions.

Moh Renewal denim 01
RECYCLED COTTON: Recycled Cotton paper is made from t-shirt and denim scraps diverted from millions of tons of textile waste sent to landfills every year.

We are stocking a large offering in both digital, folio and envelopes. Renewal would be a unique packaging choice to up your eco-cred. Get in touch with your Olmsted-Kirk representative for more details and samples.

A Journey to the Mill

 Blog JourneytoTi 01

There is no better time than now to take a virtual trip with us to the Ticonderoga Mill located on the eastern edge of the publicly protected Adirondack State Park. This historic International Paper mill wins the prize for most inspirational locale. It is a special place surrounded by a thriving ecosystem of forests, waterways and mountain peaks. In operation since the 1880s, the 2,200-acre Ticonderoga Mill employs over 600 local residents who produce some of the country’s highest-quality paper, including ACCENT®. Tie the laces on your “virtual” hiking boots as you explore Ticonderoga with us.

Blog Journey2 01
Structural Graphics created a dimensional print piece that tells the story of Ticonderoga Mill in three parts. The piece comes with playful papercraft figurines that can be moved around the scene. And there’s even more interactivity: scan each panel using the IP4D AR app to see video footage of the mill and the majesty that surrounds it. Take a look at this unboxing video on YouTube. Tour the mill and see how wood pulp is turned to paper. See firsthand how International Paper is leading the way when it comes to responsible forest stewardship. Join us in caring for this beautiful land for generations to come.

Contact your Olmsted-Kirk representative to get a copy of this unique promotion.