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BLUELINE magazine by Domtar Volume 6 lays a creative spotlight on Kit Hinrichs. His work has included the Museum of Modern Art, the Library of Congress and 23 years as a partner at Pentagram. He currently owns his own studio and has won countless awards including the AIGA Medal. With more than 50 years of experience, he is not done yet. For Hinrichs, print is still one of the most important tools of great design.
“In an increasingly digital world, print is a refreshing and effective tool in communication,” he says. “There is the advantage of scale, touch and special printing techniques that draw the audience into a tangible printed piece.”

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Beyond this spotlight article on Kit, you’ll find many other interesting articles including an in-depth case study of “Chasing Speed”. It's a must read about Pennzoil’s printed 50th anniversary commemorative book for Team Penske printed on Cougar Paper. This custom book is filled with historical racing photos and is equipped with a functioning speedometer. Among the challenges of this book was the perfectly registered die-cut in the center of the book which sliced through each sheet to reveal the speedometer bound to the back.

Each volume of BLUELLINE magazine is printed on Cougar enjoying its 45th year. Cougar is readily available and always reliable. Whether you are printing offset, digital or inkjet, Cougar's formation and brightness provides superior runnability and printability.

Get your copy of Volume VI now. The next one will be hear before you know it. Get in touch with your Olmsted-Kirk representative or subscribe online.

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