Neenah's Perfect 10 is Perfection!


Introducing Neenah's Perfect 10 - the consistent and colorful re-invention of the Classic® brand of papers. With these Perfect 10 colors, you can mix and match ten compatible colors across all four Classics. And if that wasn't enough, with this revision, Neenah introduces two new finishes to Classic Crest. Say hello to stipple and eggshell finish. Yes, we said eggshell.
The accompanying "Perfect10n" promotion beautifully showcases this unified color palette. In it you will find a variety of print demonstrations on the textures, weights and colors. Feel the luxurious eggshell finish and see just how finely it prints. And be sure to look in detail at the blind embossing on the Epic Black, Stipple, 130 DTC. While your drooling over the new stuff, remember that Olmsted-Kirk already has many of these new items in stock and ready for your next print spec.

Grab a copy of "Perfec10n" with all ten fingers. We're distributing it now. Contact your O-K Sales Representative if you haven't gotten your copy yet!

Paper Toolkit: Meet BURT!


Meet BURT! a.k.a. Best Uncoated Results Toolkit. He is Domtar's newest educational promotion. "Brilliant" and "vivid", he wants to talk to you about printing on uncoated, opaque papers. Whether you are a printer or designer, BURT can help you get results. Two inserts are housed in a sculptured emboss, "leather" carrier. The entire piece is printed on Domtar's premium opaque, Cougar.  BURT covers it all - from the basics, to making separations and press adjustments. For official "expert eyes", don't forget to punch out the pair of paper sunglasses.  See and touch the multiple printing techniques. Touch plates, coatings, embossing, die-cutting and foil stamping techniques are included. If you have questions, BURT has answers. Receive your copy by contacting your local O-K Paper Representative.