New! Plastic Paper

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Plastic Paper™ from Blanks | USA is here. An economical, bright white, waterproof poly film that can be used for everything from menus and maps to instruction manuals and point of purchase displays. Plastic Paper is available in 8mil, 12mil, and 16mil. It can be folded, stitched, die-cut, drilled, uv coated, and laminated with ease.

“We’ve tested the heck out of this sheet in most digital machinery including HP Indigo and dry toner presses. The sheet impresses us.” says, Darrell Edgar, V.P./Director of Corporate Purchasing for Olmsted-Kirk. “Besides being economical, Plastic Paper™ is actually white - not another off-white color which happens due to the coatings put on these type of sheets. And, it has zero static which many digital operators combat when running these substrates.”

The entire product line of Plastic Paper™ is RIT Star certification for HP Indigo. It is true cross platform product  that runs litho or digital.  Ask your Olmsted-Kirk representative to be introduced to this new sheet.

Mohawk Maker 14

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You'll want to get your hands on Issue 14 of Mohawk's Maker Quarterly. In short, it's magnificent. It starts from the moment you see it. Half of this 6.5" x 8.5", 224 page book has been partially edge-painted to match the deep green ink of its cover printed on VIA, Vellum, Cyan, 80 Cover.
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The cover features debossing, clear foil and that incredible edge-painting. The contents do not disappoint either. Delve inside and you'll find four chapters of articles aimed squarely at leadership and service to others. The first chapter feature an article about Donald Judd, who pioneered a new art form. Issue No. 14 is titled "Lead & Serve" because it honors those who pave the way for others. Donald did just that and gave us a new place for art - Marfa, Texas.

This issue features the following eight Mohawk papers:
Mohawk VIA, Vellum, Cyan, 80 Cover
Mohawk Loop, Smooth, Pumice, 80 Text
Strathmore, Wove, Smoke, 80 Text
Mohawk Superfine, Eggshell, Ultrawhite, 70 Text
Mohawk Britehue, Vellum, Orange, 60 Text
Mohawk Loop, Vellum, Husk, 80 Text
Mohawk Options, Smooth, Crystal White, 70 Text
Mohawk VIA, Vellum, Pine, 70 Text

Ask your Olmsted-Kirk paper representative for a copy.