Civilization & Papermaking: Timothy Barrett

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A recent article from The New York Times has struck a chord with us. One man has dedicated his life to an art that can sometimes be viewed as a commodity in today’s culture, paper. Meet papermaker, Timothy Barrett. He “has dedicated his life to unlocking the mysteries of paper, which he regards as both the elemental stuff of civilization and an endangered species in digital culture.” Today, Barrett creates his own exquisite paper each year—a handmade homage to days before the modern paper machine. Barrett explains the history of paper and its importance to civilization as a whole in the article, “Can a Papermaker Help to Save Civilization?” Read this, and then ask yourself: What does paper mean to you?

Photo by Samatha Contis for the The New York Times    New York Times Article author: Mark Levine

Published on Februaray 17, 2012

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