Destination: Domtar’s Ashdown Mill!



On Wednesday, June 8th, a group of select mill trip first-timers and veterans joined us on our pilgrimage to Domtar's Ashdown Mill located just outside of Texarkana, Texas.

Each attendee left Ashdown with first hand knowledge of the complex inner-workings of an uncoated paper mill and the complete paper production process - from the initial tree to final packaged product. We took in  the jaw-dropping 90 degree suspension of eighteen wheelers for woodchip depository, to the transformation of tiny pulp fragments into thousand pound paper rolls—the experience was absolutely mind-blowing!

Of course our mill experience wouldn’t be complete without the perks. The group enjoyed golfing, fishing, chef prepared meals, souvenirs and remarkable peer camaraderie. We were so fortunate to have an extraordinary group of creative talent and paper enthusiasts along for the ride! Thank you to everyone. Each of you made this trip truly unforgettable.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...French Paper!
O-K wins bronze at the 2011 DSVC Show!

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