E is for Emboss

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E is Emboss
The surface of a paper can have an embossed surface texture - for example, linen or felt. This is achieved in paper finishing with male and female steel, cylinder drums that have a textured surface. The paper is passed through or threaded between the drums to impart the finish with heat and pressure.
Embossing is also a printing process in which a design is stamped or pressed (embossed) into the paper to create a gorgeous raised surface onto a printed piece with a die. Often, the dies are heated. Embossing which simply stamps a graphic with no other additional color or decoration is known as a blind emboss. Embossing when combined with a foil is called foil stamping. When combined with printing inks, it is called a registered emboss. Embossing dies can be made of brass, magnesium or copper. Brass is best for long runs. Embossing is generally done after printing.

F is for Foil Stamp
D is for Duplex

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