EuroArt Plus: Consistent Quality

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EuroArt Plus is a coated sheet that delivers superior results on press at a competitive cost. It's triple coated to create a optimal printing surface for your images. EuroArt's high quality surface combined with bulk, offers the ideal balance of runnability and printability. EuroArt Plus is available in a gloss and dull finish in weights ranging from 60 Text to 130 Cover. Plus, it's FSC® certified and made by Sappi - makers of McCoy and Opus; so you know it's good. Its high brightness, whiteness and opacity will make your print project sing. This is your sheet when you need a quality coated product but the budget is tight. Look no further than EuroArt Plus. An updated swatchbook is now available in our sample room . Get in touch with your Olmsted-Kirk sales rep, our sample room or call our customer service team for your copy.

Constitution Day Life Unfolds on Paper
Newly Updated Strathmore Swatchbook

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