G is for GSM

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G is GSM
GSM stands for Grams Per Square Meter. In the metric system, this is the way paper is weight is determined. You will see it noted in swatchbooks as g/m2 or GSM. It is the metric system equivalent of a paper’s basis weight. It is the weight (in grams) of a square meter of paper.  You can use our online O-K Toolbox Paper Calculator “LBS to GSM” to convert our American basis weight (lbs) to the metric GSM quickly and easily. Of late, digital printing has made GSM values more prevalent in state-side printing. A GSM figure is generally entered onto a digital printing system in the paper profile before printing. For this reason, we give GSM figures in our O-K Digital Catalog. You can find it online or get a copy from your nearest Olmsted-Kirk office or sales representative.

H is for Headbox
F is for Foil Stamp

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