O-K is the real MCCOY

real mccoy

Olmsted-Kirk is pleased to tell you we've enhanced our inventory of McCoy. Our inventory includes McCoy Gloss in 80 Text, 100 Text plus matching 80 Cover, 100 Cover and 120 Cover in a wide range of sheet sizes. If you are looking for the gorgeous Silk finish, we have those same wieghts plus the bulky 130 Cover. When you want to be seen as a true leader, no other fine coated paper will make you look as good as McCoy. And thanks to more affordable pricing, its never been easier for your customer's brand to look its best. Here's a few reasons to order or specify McCoy for your next print project:

Proprietary Silk Finish - A one-of-a-kind surface for those who want the ultimate tactile and print experience on coated.
Premium Ingredients - Better print uniformity and surface for detail and intense color.
Side-to-Side Consistency - The most consistent printing surface available for uniform printing side-to-side.
Environmentally Repsonsible - FSC® Certified and 100% of the electricity used to manufacture McCoy is generated with Green-e® certified renewable energy. 10% of the fibers in McCoy are Post Consumer Waste (PCW).
Fade Resistance - Unique coating ensures lasting whiteness and image integrity.

Mohawk Digitals: Embedded
Accent Opaque: Always in Fashion

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