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Blueline Magazine by Domtar

Domtar Collaboration sized

blueline collaboration

If you love putting ink on paper, you'll love the new Blueline magazine by Domtar. It's printed on Cougar® Super Smooth, 65 and 100 lb. Cover. Yes, the paper is great and the printing is gorgeous. But, it's the content that you'll love. This quarterly magazine is designed to bring printers and creatives TOGETHER. Think of Blueline as a supplement to the blog and website -- domtarblueline.com. We visit it often. You should, too. This inaugural issue is called Collaboration. The collaboration between designer, paper supplier, writer, photographer, illustrator and printer to create successful printed products. Blueline is full of tips, hints, answers and ideas. Plus, articles ranging from a feature article with Tim Hale of Fossil on building and maintaining an in-house brand to inovative ways to enhance print.

blueline layar2

Throughout this first edition of Blueline, you'll see the Layar app used. This free app for iOS and Android adds another "layer" of augmented reality to what is on the printed page. That's the reason for the name LayAR. See what they did there? It's easy to use, cost-effective and doesn't  require custom development. To get the most of this publication, be sure to download the Layar app. When you see the logo on any of the pages, scan the image from the app and enjoy bonus online video content.

To get your copy of Blueline, reach out to your Olmsted-Kirk paper rep, customer service or our sample room.

Design Collection 2.0 Print Sampler



Take an intense look at the creative possibilities of Neenah's Design Collection papers in the Design Collection Sampler 2.0 — 22 pages of idea-generating colors, textures, and specialty print techniques. These luxury papers are an incredible way for designers to really pull out all the stops with unique paper choices. See an incredible array of paper samples foil-stamped, blind embossed, laminated, digitally printed, letterpressed and much more.
 Get in touch with your Olmsted-Kirk specification sales rep to get a copy while they last. A new, accompanying swatchbook should arrive any day also. Our sources say early June. Stay turned.